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Imagine the peace of mind and financial savings of having a plan that truly works for you and your loved ones. Think about the time, money, and stress you could save by avoiding ineffective planning strategies. The valuable information I'm about to share with you is priceless, yet it won't cost you a dime. All it takes is a mere 30 minutes of your time. Are you ready to make a small investment of your time to ensure your family's well-being? If the answer is YES, don't hesitate, click the button below and let's get started on securing your family's future now!
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What You Need
Unlock the secrets to safeguarding your loved ones and ensuring they're protected from legal battles and conflicts if the unexpected happens to you. Discover the ultimate peace of mind and learn how to secure your family's future.
Protect Your Kids
Unveil the key strategies for ensuring that your children are always in the care of those you trust, even in the face of unexpected events. Take control of your children's future and ensure that they never fall into the hands of strangers or anyone you wouldn't want raising them. Discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children are protected, no matter what happens.
Protect Your Assets
Learn how to keep your assets secure from outsiders and ensure that your loved ones inherit what you intend for them. Discover how to take control of your family's financial security for generations to come.
Planning Techniques that Don't Work
Get ready to uncover the truth behind popular planning techniques that may seem like a good idea, but can ultimately do more harm than good. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to court battles and legal conflicts. Arm yourself with the knowledge to make smart and effective planning decisions for you and your loved ones.
Prevent a Failed Plan
Learn the truth behind ineffective planning that can drain your finances and leave your loved ones unprotected. Discover how to create a solid plan that will not only protect your family but also save you money in the long run. Don't let your family's plan become one of the many that fail. Ensure your loved ones are secure for the future.
Our Planning Process
We will show you what you can expect during the planning process, step-by-step, and how to navigate it with ease. Plus, learn how to estimate the time and budget needed to create a solid plan that protects your loved ones. Don't let confusion and uncertainty hold you back from ensuring your family's security. Get all the tools and knowledge you need to create a plan that works for you and your loved ones.
Aloha, I'm Keoni.
Are you tired of feeling uncertain about the future of your loved ones and your legacy? Say goodbye to that false sense of security you get from self-help websites or cut-rate lawyers only focused on documents. I am here to give you real peace of mind with a plan that will actually work as intended. 

I'm more than just a lawyer, I'm your trusted advisor, committed to keeping your loved ones out of court and out of conflict. I understand the importance of a well-crafted plan and the harsh consequences of not having one in place. I'm passionate about helping Hawaii families like yours, after experiencing it firsthand with my own mother's sudden incapacitation at the age of 52.

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