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How much would it be worth to you to save you and your loved ones from wasting thousands of dollars, countless hours, and untold amounts of stress on a plan that won't work?  Well, the valuable information I am about to share with you won't cost you any money, just 30 or so minutes of your time. Do you have the time to do right by your loved ones? If the answer is YES, click on the button below right now and let's get started!
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What You Need
We will cover what you need to not only protect your family, but keep them out of court and conflict if the unexpected happens to you. Learn how to get true peace of mind.
Protect Your Kids
Find out how to ensure your kids are cared for by the people you want and in the way you want if something happens to you. Keep your kids out of the hands of strangers or anyone you would not want caring for them.
Protect Your Assets
Discover how to keep whatever assets you leave behind for your family safe from outsiders. 
Planning Techniques that Don't Work
We will discuss common planning techniques that people use to avoid court, but that end up causing more harm than good. 
Prevent a Failed Plan
Learn how to avoid wasting money on a plan that will not work. Many plans fail. Don't let your family's plan be one of them.
Our Planning Process
We will show you what the planning process is step-by-step, how long it will take, and what it costs.
Hi, I'm Keoni.
My goal is to give you real peace of mind — not the false sense of security people get from self-help online sites, D.I.Y. books, or cut-rate lawyers only focused on documents — by ensuring your plan will work as intended. I am committed to keeping your loved ones out of court and out of conflict as well as being the advisor your family knows and trusts who they can turn to when something happens to you. 

I am passionate about estate planning after experiencing the harsh consequences of my mom becoming suddenly incapacitated when she was just 52 years old without having a plan in place. In light of my own experience, I strive to educate other Hawaii families not only on the importance of planning, but on how to do it right so that their plan actually works when they need it the most.

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