Save your family a LOT of money, stress, and wasted time.

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You're Gonna Learn
The mistakes to avoid
People make A LOT of mistakes when choosing a lawyer that end up costing their families money, time, and stress. Discover the top 6 MAJOR and COMMON mistakes. 
what to look for
Don't know where to start or what to look for? I've got you covered! Learn what to look for to ensure the perfect fit for your family.
the right questions to ask
I reveal the questions that you should ask your prospective lawyer and that he or she should be able to answer. If they can't or won'!
"  Having worked with families for years, I have discovered that what you really want is to have a caring professional "give it to you straight" when it comes to your legal and financial matters. So, I am dispensing with the "legalese" during this short guide and I will give you the simple, unvarnished truth instead. Sound good? Request this guide today. "
-Keoni Souza, Esq.
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